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Tallassee / Lake Martin / Wetumpka's Original Window Tint  Commercial Tint / Residential Tint
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Summer in the shade' SALE! Reject heat now with Solar Protective Films Window Tinting, and enjoy the benefits all year long. Commercial-Residential Window Tinting Service.
Welcome to SPF Tinting Wetumpka & East Alabama 
SPF Window Tinting
Is Sunlight pouring into your home or business windows causing unwanted  glare, heat, & high energy costs? Let SPF Window Tinting customize a solution that addresses your Solar Protective Films' need. With over 3 decades tinting home and business windows in Alabama, we offer unmatched quality products, warranties, and installation techniques that set us apart. This means, you will receive more benefits, increased curb appeal, and our excusive SPF Tinting Guaranty.

  • Don't compromise! Gain over 50% More Benefits with SPF Window Tinting.
  • Upgraded - next day installations available anywhere in East Alabama.
  • The "#1 Rated Commercial & Residential Window Tinting Service" in Central & South Alabama, for the last 20+ Years! 
  • Residential Tinting - Lake Martin
    Dual Reflective 5 chosen to reduce the heat and glare at a massive rate. SPF Tested & Approved!.
  • Dual Reflective 5 installed on 3/23/2018 for maximum Heat & Glare Rejection. SPF Tinting Wetumpka.- Approved!
Make the most out of your home/office rooms that are accomodated with potentially optimizable window views.
It's amazing how easily you can upgrade your room's window view with SPF Tinting Wetumpka and gain control over the hot beaming Sun, without blocking part of the heat with blinds or similar obstructions and allergic nusences.
Just breath easy & enjoy revealing the dynamic view & opened up room's atmosphere while feeling the comfort throughout your entire home or office/store. We will address your specific Solar Protective Films or Safety/Secutity film needs and then suggest the best SPF window tinting solution to combat the Solar intrusion and deliver maximum protection and benefit to you!
> Reject HEAT!    > Gain Energy Efficiency!
> Block GLARE!   > Modernize & Add Curb Appeal!

SPF Tinting Wetumpka -

"Before & After" 

  • Commercial Tinting - Wetumpka, AL
    Glare & Heat was virtually eliminated after SPF installation on 4.25.2018.
  • Business Tinting - Wetumpka, AL
    AFTER - UV, Glare, and Heat was blocked by SPF installation on 4/25/2018.
  • Commercial Tint - Wetumpka, Alabama
    BEFORE UV and other unwanted visible and invisible light rays & heat we're all blocked!
  • Mulder Church - Tinted Wetumpka, AL
    AFTER SPF Tinting Wetumpka installation on 4.25.2018.
  • Business Tinting - Wetumpka AL
    BEFORE tint applied for maximum heat rejection.
  • Commercial Tinting - Wetumpka, AL
    AFTER windows tint applied on 5.16.2018.
  • Home Window Tinting
    BEFORE Heat Rejected on 5/22/2018. SPF Bronze 20
  • Residential Tinting - Alabama
    Curb appeal was upgraded while adding a cool & efficient environment inside.

SPF Tinting Wetumpka virtually adds usable square footage to your living, dining, storage, or work space, without the high costs and hassle that comes along with trying to replace your windows. In fact, new window replacement may not even be the answer that you are looking for. As new windows in most cases just leave you with the same problems you started with, if Heat, Glare, Security, Privacy, or gaining maximum Energy Efficiency are your biggest concerns.

The benefits of our superior quality Solar Protective Films window tinting solutions add practical versatility and value visually, while holding its own in architectural security, safety, privacy, and UV/Solar Energy redirection.

·        See real savings in energy costs on your power bill!

·        Block Sun Glare & Harmful Ultraviolet Rays from damaging your valuables and skin/vision.

o   Superior Quality Products, Warranty, & Window Tinting Service.

o   Trusted & Proven - Alabama's Original SPF Tinting Company.

Sunroom Tinted - Eclectic, AL
SPF Preferred Dual Reflective 35 installed to reduce glare & reject heat.
Home Windows Tinted - Tallassee, AL
The tremendous amount of heat & glare coming in through the top windows was unbearable, until MAX DR-5 was professionally installed on 1/15/2018. SPF Tinting APPROVED!

Elmore County's Premier Window Tinting Company, servicing Wetumpka, Tallassee, Lake Martin, and East Alabama for over 20-Years!

SPF Tinting Wetumpka maintains the Highest Standards and Superior Services for all Commercial/ Residential Window Tinting Solutions. Be sure to contact us for all your Solar Protective Films & window tinting needs.


    SPF Tinting Wetumpka installation 6.1.2018.
    SPF Tinting Wetumpka redirected heat and glare at an exceptional rate!
    Harmful UV Rays beaming in before installation on 6/1/18.
    SPF Tinting Wetumpka added Maximum Heat Rejection & UV Protection on 6/1/2018.
Home Window Tinting - Lake Martin / Wetumpka
Blocked Heat and stopped UV Rays from causing Sun damage. SPF Approved on 5/29/2018.

Replace your blinds before your blinds replace your furnishings, flooring, & photos with Sun-Fade.

The blinds concept was great in the 1900s, when there was no alternative than to block the window with something during the day. NOW there is a modern way to block the excessive light beaming in without obstructing your window view and flaring up your allergies with the dust collecting blinds. With what we now know to be harmful UV and other visible and invisible light rays like infrared glaring in, penetrating, and fading your valuables while causing serious skin/vision problems as well.

 There is a very simple solution that will modernize your living or works space and make your home or business energy efficient and climate controlled. We personalize a SPF Window Tinting solution for you, giving you a preference on the amount of pleasantly clean lighting coming inside and when you are looking out, while simulltaneously upgrading your window security and curb appeal when outside looking in.

Customizable levels of Privacy, security, heat/glare rejection/reduction benefits, and more. We optimize your Home or Office to cater the Solar Protective Films solution to meet your needs beneficially and aesthetically.

Commercial Tinting - Wetumpka, AL -2005
SPF Tinting Wetumpka Installed Silver-20 in 2005. This picture was taken in 2017 to show the longevity. Holding Strong For 13 Years, Excelling In Privacy & Efficiency. SPF Tinting Wetumpka - Durability Approved!

Residential Tint - Wetumpka, AL The Solar Protective Films' shade selection chosen and installed on this Wetumpka home's front windows back in 2013, is our "Premium Neutral 35". We increased the new total of glare reduction to OVER 70%, which is an outstanding level of performance for a Neutral tint shade, while ending the Sun-Fade and energy inefficiency for good.

Home Glass Door Tinted in Wetumpka, AL
Bright Light Glare Reduced After Tint Installation on 8-8-2018. Privacy Was Also Achieved!

"Ultra Clear"

​Shown below
Residential Window Tint - Lake Martin
Installed Ultra Clear for maximum UV protection against fade, without changing the shade of the window glass.

"Bronze 35"


Commercial Tinting - Wetumpka, Millbrook, Montgomery. Servicing East & West Alabama. Solar Bronze 35 was installed here in 2016. Great benefits and effectiveness. SPF Approved!

"Dual Reflective 25"

Business Tinted in Auburn -AL
Business Window Tint installed in Auburn to gain heat rejection and energy efficiency.

SPF Tinting Wetumpka -

Business Hours:

SPF Tinting Wetumpka
Express Relays throughout Alabama, like our Wetumpka location shown here, allow us to service you locally with SPF Qualified Technicians.

Don't Compromise, GAIN OVER 50% MORE BENEFITS With Alabama's Premier & SPF Trusted Quality Window Tinting Service! For Home or Business Tint.
Professionally Fast Tinted Glass!
Mon - Fri: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sat - Sun: Closed

Phone: 334-544-4837


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  • Precision Frost Interior (White)

    Office Tint Wetumpka
    Precision White Frost, an SPF Exclusive. Find out more about cool air redistribution & climate insulation with our exclusive precision options that eliminate hot spots, and room to room temperature variations.

    SPF Dual Reflective 5

    Home Window Tinting
    SPF Tinting Wetumpka blocked the heat on 6/1/2018, and has now brought only pleasant lighting in through the home's rear glass doors.
    "SPF Preferred Bronze 20"
    Business Window Tinting -
    Since SPF tinted in 2016, only the pleasantly soothing Sunlight remains to come in through the glass.
    Visually appealing aesthetically, while ranking best in it's class in glare reduction and heat rejection! SPF Tinting Wetumpka Approved.
    Commercial Tint - Interior Frost
    Installed here to add privacy, climate control, and insulation all year round. This thicker Security Film offers "Smash And Grab" protection, prevents break-ins and is used as an interior wall or exterior wall film.
    see "top 4 options"

    "SPF Preferred Neutral 55"

    Business Tinting - Storefront Windows Tinted on 6-6-2018, To Keep Visibility, While Adding Storm Protection And Blocking Over 99% Of Harmful UV. SPF Tinting Approved!

    SPF Wetumpka Tinting for home or office windows. Wetumpka/Tallassee/Eclectic