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Local SPF Technicians servicing Alabama, from Millbrook to Clanton. SPF Window Tinting. Alabama's Premier Quality Tint for Commercial / Residential. 
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SPF Tinting Millbrook to Clanton

Commercial Tinting - Clanton, AL
SPF Tinting Approved!
Residential Tinting - Prattville, AL
Reduced Glare & Became Energy Efficient after SPF Installation of Bronze 20 in 2017.
    Glare Reduction
    Glare Reduction
    Tint installation in Prattville-AL
    SPF Tint installation on 7/6/2018
    Business tinted in Prattville, Alabama
    SPF Preferred DR 5 installed for maximum heat rejection!
Commercial Tinting - Prattville, AL

SPF Preferred Dual Reflective 25 tint was installed at Alabama Power on 5/4/2018, for Energy Efficiency, Heat Rejection, and Glare Reduction.
Commercial Tinting - Millbrook, AL
San Marcos restaurant guests and staff enjoy a cooler climate without the Sun glare since SPF tint installation in 2017.
Office Tinting - Millbrook, AL
Maximum Heat & Glare Rejection /Reduction
Gained on 5/17/2018.
  • Commercial Tinting - Prattville, AL
    SPF Preferred DR 5 Installed 6/21/2018.
  • Business Tint - Prattville, AL
Resisential Tinting - Millbrook, AL
Eliminated heat, glare, and UV Sun-fade while enhancing the decorative glass. SPF Tinting Preferred DR 5 installed on 6/28/2018.
  • Church Window Tint - AL
    Before Bright Sun Glare was Virtually Eliminated.
  • Before
    Bright Sun Glare Eliminated 9-12-2018.
    SPF Tint Installation. Soothing Sunlight remains.
  • Office Tint - Prattville AL
    AFTER SPF Preferred Tint was installed on, 8.16.2018, for a great reduction in bright Sun glare and energy expenses.
  • Business Tint - Prattville AL
    BEFORE Commercial Window Tinting - Maximum heat rejection gained on 8.16.2018.

Alabama's Premier Quality Home Or Office Tinting Service For Over 30-Years. Block UV and heat while adding style and security. Servicing Autaugaville, Prattville, Valley Grande, Billingsly, Maplesville, Millbrook, Clanton and all of Central Alabama.

As seen on News Channel 12 - Block UV Sun Fade, Reject Heat & High Energy Costs, and Eliminate Bright Glare with SPF Window Tinting.
    Office Tinted - Millbrook, AL
    SPF Commercial Tint - Millbrook, AL

There's no need to waste time or money on new windows. Rediscover the window views in your home or business with a new crisp look and architectural security to last.

SPF Window Tinting films are incredibly nano-engineered to perform at a rate up to 10 times greater than new windows at rejecting heat and other forms of solar energy, depending on which SPF product line/shade you choose. SPF Window Tinting virtually eliminates the unwanted blinding bright light and glare, while blocking Ultraviolet Rays that cause their own nightmare in terms of fading furniture, flooring, paintings, drapery, and not to mention skin and vision problems.  All of the above are still present after spending your valuable time and hard earned dollars on new windows that do not even protect you from the Solar intrusion.

  • SPF Window Tinting Blocks Over 99% of UV Rays that cause Sun Fade & Damage!.
  • Gain Privacy & Storm Security/Smash & Grab Protection.
  • Save resources on Energy Expenses and maintanence!
  • Clear up allergies and lose the clutter from your dust filled blinds.
  • ​Discover a wide opened view, without annoying heat and bright distracting glare.

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Superior Quality Products & Services!
  • Home Window Tinting - Millbrook AL
    Before Heat Rejected & Energy Efficiency Gained on 7/14/18.
  • Home Tinting Service - Millbrook AL
    Energy Costs and Heat = Down. Visual Curb Appeal = UP. SPF Tinting Approved!
Business Tinting - Millbrook, AL
Ultimate Heat Rejection, Efficiency, Privacy, and Glare Reduction was achieved upon completion of SPF Tint Installation in December of 2017.
Home Window Tinting - Prattville, AL
Installed our SPF Preferred Smooth Bronze 20 which blocks out OVER 75% of heat & glare while adding modern curb appeal. Tinted 5/25/2018.

 Solar safety made simple for you.  

You'll save time and money with our hassle-free quote process. For Home Window Tinting or Business Window Tinting, call: 334-834-TINT.

Superior Quality Products & Installation Services!


Business Window Tinting - Prattville, Alabama
SPF Preferred Bronze 20 was installed back in 2015. Still Excelling in Energy Efficiency & Heat Rejection. SPF Tinting Approved!
  • Commercial Tinting - Clanton-AL
    Chilton County Jail was tinted in the Summer of 2018. SPF Tinting Approved - 100% Privacy Achieved!
  • Commercial Tinting - Clanton, AL
    Privacy achieved. The reflective side shown here, inside the pod.
  • Business Tinting - Clanton, AL
    Full visibility kept on the guard side after tinted on 5.24.2018.
  • Window Tinting - Clanton, AL
    Chief tested the visibility after tint installation on 5.24.18, & his ultimate privacy goal was achieved!
Commercial Tinting - Clanton, AL
Alabama Power gained energy efficiency and heat rejection with our MAX DR-25. SPF Approved!


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  • Commercial Tinting in Prattville, Alabama - Health Star Clinic found glare reduction and heat rejection after SPF tint installation in 2015. Dual Reflective 25 was applied.

    SPF Window Tinting -
    Accept no imitations. Choose to go with Alabama's Premier Commercial Tinting & Residential Window Tint installation Service/ Products/ Warranty.

    SPF Tinting, our original location opened up and has been in business since the 1980's. With our EXCLUSIVE Quality Guaranty, You'll be happy that you made a stress-free investment, with the "Peace of Mind" that comes with knowing that your installation is done at the highest level by a real SPF Certified Lead Technician, and is also backed by the official SPF Guaranty.

    Get the best quality window tinting products & service, at a lower price with our volume discount. Call today for your Hassle-Free Quote. 334-834-8468!
    • Commercial Tint - Prattville, AL
      BEFORE SPF Preferred tint applied to prevent heat & glare.
    • Business Tinting - Prattville, AL
      AFTER SPF Tinting installation on 5/8/2018
    • Before Home Tinted - Prattvillle AL
      Bright heat and glare was beaming in through the home entrance.
    • Before Home Tint - Prattvillle AL
      Exterior Picture Taken Before Tint Was Installed 7/3/18.
    • After Home Tinted - Prattvillle AL
      The lighting became favorable and heat rejected instantly on 7/3/2018.
    • After Home Tinted - Prattvillle AL
      Now with great lighting and climate controlled. SPF Tinting Approved!