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Central & South Alabama, SPF Qualified Lead Technicians service you with Premier Window Tinting for Commercial & Residential. Guaranteed!
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Home & Business Tint

As the Protective Benefits manufactured for the most Superior Selection of tinting films are optimized to perform GREAT on your Building Windows or Home. With better efficiency and durability than other common window tinting services or products, You can gain over 50% more benefits including durability and Solar Protection when you use SPF Window Tinting.

The Original SPF Tinting company, maintains the Highest Standards and Superior Services for all Commercial/ Residential Window Tinting Solutions. Be sure to contact us for all your Solar Protective Films, window tinting needs. Now servicing all of Central Alabama and South Alabama!
  • Before Tint Installation
    Reduce heat and UV, without losing too much visibility.
  • After Tinted - Montgomery-AL
    SPF Tinting' Preferred DR 45 installed to keep consistency along strip mall.
  • Before Business Tint
    - GA Foods was SPF Tinting' Approved on - 9.13.2018.
  • After Business Tinted
    - GA Foods gained UV protection on 9.13.2018.
  • Office tint removal
    Before old generic film was removed.
  • During Tint Removal
    The old generic tint hazes the window view.
  • After New Office Tint installed
    Architectural film offers benefits never realized in past decades.
  • Business Tint installed - Montgomery, AL
    Nano-tech' Engineered films deliver incredible results while optimizing the view.
  • Before SPF Tinting
    Home Window Tint Installation in Hope Hull - AL
  • After SPF Tinting
    Installed SPF Preferred Smooth Bronze Tint for Maximum Heat Rejection.
  • Before
    SPF Tint Installed on 8/6/2018. Bright Sun Glare & UV-Fade was awful.
  • After
    SPF Tint Installed on 8/6/2018. Now Energy Efficient & Visually Appealing, inside & out.
  • Before
    Tinted on 7/20/2018 - Fire Department in Montgomery-AL
  • After
    Business Tint installation prevented heat & glare on 7/20/2018
  • Before
    Business window tint applied on 7/20/2018.
  • After
    Commercial Tint Installed & The Fire Department Found Energy Efficiency on 7/20/2018.
  • Before
    SPF tint applied on 7/20/2018
  • After
    Business tinted - The Fire Dept. gained maximum heat rejection on 7/20/18
  • Home Window Tinting - Montgomery, AL
    SPF Tinting Installation completed on 8-1-2018.
  • Home Skylight Windows Tinted
    The high windows were allowing such bright light and glare to fill the room it was unbearable.
  • During Home Tint installation
    As the lead Tech is preparing the window, he and his surroundings are glowing from bright glare beaming in
  • During Residential Tint Installation
    Before Solar Protective Films are applied, look at the wall to the left of the window.
  • Home Window Tinting - Montgomery, AL
    Near completion, the spotlight beaming in on the Technician and the walls is gone, leaving the right amount of lighting.
  • Home Tinting Service - Montgomery, AL
    After SPF Preferred Neutral 35 was installed to eliminate UV and Bright glare. What a difference!
  • Home Skylight Windows Tinted - Alabama
    Looks great outside, after SPF tint installed and only pleasant lighting is coming in. Without harmful UV and glare.
  • Residential Tint - Montgomery, AL
    Job completed! The irritants of Bright Glaring Light and UV Causing Sun Fade are all over. SPF Tinting Approved!
  • Storefront Tinting - Montgomery, AL
    BEFORE - SOL Mexican Restaurant Gained Maximum Heat Rejection on 7/23/2018.
  • Business Tinting - Montgomery, AL
    AFTER - SOL Mexican Restaurant Eliminated Glare and High Energy Costs with SPF Window Tinting.
Office Tinting - Montgomery, AL
The Biscuits office was tinted on 6/28/2018.
Business Window Tint - Montgomery
Department of Transportation reduced glare and heat with SPF Preferred DR 5
  • Commercial Tint - Montgomery, AL
    Cool climate was gained upon installation of SPF tint on 4.26.18.
  • Commercial Tint - Montgomery, AL
    Governors' Mansion needed Solar Protection from Heat & Glare.
  • Commercial Tint - Governors' Mansion
    Before SPF installation, too much Solar heat and glare was penetrating.
  • Commercial Tint - Montgomery, AL
    Comfort gained & SPF Tinting Approved on 4/26/2018.
  • Residential Tint - Alabama
    Before Heat Rejection Gained on May 22, 2018
  • Home Window Tinting - Central AL
    AFTER Our SPF Bronze 20 really upgraded this home visually, inside & out.
Home or Office Tinting - Montgomery, AL
Maximum heat rejection accomplished and NOW fade proof after SPF Tint installed on 5.17.2018.
  • Before Tinted
    SPF Tint installed 5.15.2018 - Alabama
  • AFTER Tinted
    American Deli Blocked The Sun's Menacing Rays - Montgomery, AL
Commercial Tinting - Montgomery, AL
Privacy & Security was gained by the Family Sunshine Center when tint film was installed on 4/3/2018.
  • Business Window Tint - Montgomery
    Before SPF tint installation on 5.3.2018.
  • AFTER Tint Applied
    New Hob Nob is UV Protected against Sun-Fade as of 5/3/2018.
Residential Tint - Montgomery, AL
Privacy was realized while keeping great visibility from the inside looking out. Installed "Solar Bronze 20" in Wynlakes on 1/16/2018.
Commercial Tinting - Montgomery, AL
The good folks at Garry S. McAnnally, LLC are enjoying the Heat Rejection & Efficiency added in 2018, with our Dual Reflective 5.
    Office Tinted on 3.6.2018 - Montgomery, AL
    SPF Tinted on 3.6.2018 - Bye Bye Heat & Glare!
Office Tinting, Montgomery AL - 2/7/2018
Precision White Frost Installation - Alabama Power.
  • Residential Tint - Tuskeegee, AL
    BEFORE SPF Tint Applied On 1-15-2018.
  • Residential Tint - Tuskeegee, AL
    AFTER Dual Reflective 5 is Applied to Reduce Glare & Heat.
  • Residential Tint - Alabama
    AFTER - 80% Heat & Other Forms of Solar Energy Rejected.
  • Interior Shot During SPF Installation
    Glare Comparison - Tinted VS Before Tinted - Gained 91% Glare Reduction
Commercial Windo Tinting

Our Professional Crew Installing Our Guaranteed Solar Protective Tinting Solution To The Right Side Of The Cancer Center In Montgomery, AL.

Residential Tint - Deatsville, AL
Sunroom Solar Protected and Glare Proof on 9-29-2017. Dual Reflective 5
  • Business Tinting - Greenville, AL
    Stylishly Sleek & Privatized. October, 2017.
  • Commercial Tinting
    Phoenix Rehab: Greenville, AL - Over 90% GLARE REDUCTION with Dual Reflective 5.

San Marco's - Commercial Tinting - Millbrook, AL
SPF Blocking UV RAYS & Excelling In Privacy & Efficiency - 2017.
Residential Window Tint - Prattville, AL
Sunroom Optimized with Maximum Energy Efficiency, Heat Rejection, & UV/Glare Reduction on 3/2/2018. DR-5 Installed.
  • Before
    Office Window Tinting on 1/25/2018.
  • After
    SPF Installed on 1/25/2018.
  • Before
    SPF Tint Was Applied on 1/25/2018.
  • After
    SPF Tint Applied on 1/25/2018.
Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center.
SPF Tinting Gladly Helped Them Reflect Heat & Much More On 11-29-2016. Dual Reflective 5
Alabama Power - Multiple locations
Gained Energy Efficiency in Montgomery and at 4 other locations with our Dual Reflective 25.
Alabama Power - Auburn, AL
This location was SPF tinted in 2016 with Dual Reflective 25.
Residential SPF Tinting - Alabama - October 2017
Maximum Heat Rejection, Glare Reduction, and Evening Out of climate variations with our Extremely Efficient Dual Reflective-5.
By His Grace - Nov. 6, 2017
New locations are now SPF Protected as well. Dual Reflective 5
Commercial Tinting - Camden, AL
Commercial Tinting - Camden, AL
Cottage Church Gained Privacy & UV/HEAT/GLARE Rejection/Reduction on 12-22-2017. DR-25
Commercial Tint - Montgomery, AL
Baptist Cancer Center became fully energy efficient and UV/Solar Radiation Protected with our DR 15
Residential Tinting - Alabama - 11/14/2017
Aesthetically adding curb appeal while blocking Glare, Heat, and Over 99% UV Rays with our Dual Reflective-5.
D & D Auto - Wetumpka - 2005
Picture Taken in 2017 - Tint Film Looks Great & Going Strong For 12 Years, Excelling In Privacy & Efficiency. SPF Tinting - Durability Approved!
Office Tinting / State Of AL - Dept.Of Finance

State of Alabama - Department Of Finance. Professionally installed tint on 5-10-16. Tinting Film chosen: Dual Reflective 5

  • Before Tinted
    You can really see the blinding Sun Glare.
  • After Tint Installation.
    Now only pleasant light comes in. SPF Approved on 9.12.2018!
Window Glass Tinting - Wetumpka, AL
Picture taken after front door glass was tinted to show the comparison. Bright glare and heat reduced significantly after tint installation on 8/8/2018.
  • Home & Business Tint - Dothan
    The goal here was to block UV Rays, Heat, & Glare, while keeping the visibility looking in.
  • Store Windows Tinted - Dothan, AL
    BEFORE - SPF Preferred Neutral 55 Installed on 6/6/2018.
  • Business Tint - Dothan, AL
    AFTER - SPF Preferred Neutral 55 Installed on 6/6/2018.
  • Store Windows Tinted - Dothan, AL
    BEFORE - Tint applied (Looking Out)
  • Business Tint - Dothan, Alabama
    AFTER tinted and benefits gained on 6/6/2018. (Looking Out)
Business Tinting - Tallassee AL
Removed ineffective generic film and replaced with Advanced Nano-Tech Engineered, SPF Preferred DR5. The heat rejection increase was felt immediately after SPF Tint installation.
Home Windows Tinted - Prattville, AL
Reduced heat and bright glare by more than 75% on 5/25/2018. Leaving a pleasant light streaming in.
  • Before
    Business Tinting - Montgomery
  • After
    Dual Reflective 5 tint applied
  • Before
    Glare Heat & Glare was reduced by over 80%
  • After
    Tinted on 4.6.2018. SPF Approved!

Business tint installation at Pepsi in Luverne, Alabama, on 5/4/2018. Pepsi Beat The Heat & Glare with our SPF Preferred' DR-5.

Home Window Tinting - Montgomery, AL
Blocked over 99% UV Rays Causing Fading of fabrics, flooring, paintings, and more. Neutral 55 installed on 2.23.2018.
Alabama Power - Montgomery, AL
Benefits from SPF Window Tinting. DR 25

Home Window Tinting - Montgomery, AL. Blocked Heat & Glare with Solar Bronze 20. Installed on 1/22/2018.

    Commercial Tinting - Millbrook, AL -Church At The Brook.
    Commercial Tinting. Church At The Brook - Millbrook, AL - Installed Dual Reflective-5 on 12.15.2017
  • Commercial Tinting - Greenville, AL
    Mo's Jo & Expresso has more seating without Solar Heat Rays taking a table or 2.
  • Storefront Tinting - Greenville, AL
    Blocked Heat, Glare. DR-5 installed on 3/6/2018.
Business Tinting - Greenville, AL
Gained Ultimate Heat Rejection & Reduced Glare by 91% on 3-9-2018. Extra bonus = Energy Efficiency.

Commercial Tinting - Wetumpka, AL

Residential Tinting - Dothan, AL
Became Energy Effective Adding Climate Equalizing & Heat Rejection With Solar Bronze 20 On 10.30.2017.
Commercial Tinting - Highland Homes, AL
Acme Propane was SPF Tinted in 2016 with Bronze 35. Increased Heat Rejection & Efficiency.
The Boulevard - Commercial Tint - Montgomery, AL 2017
Montgomery Furniture store is now beating the heat and preventing the fading of their merchandise with the Elite 35 window tint.
  • Residential Tint - Prattville, AL
    Block HEAT & GLARE!

Architectural Security & Protection -    


Solar Blocking & Modern Styling 

  • Add ideal privacy, temperature control and variation equalizing, energy efficiency, hold merchandise value & secure your valuable keepsakes/family paintings from becoming unrecognizable.

  • Stop the sun-bleached fade from taking form on your lavish carpets, rugs, drapes or hardwood flooring.

>Privacy​ >Security​ >Solar Safe >Energy Efficient >Aesthetic Look

Our clients typically start saving immediately in the first year on energy costs alone, and generally are very happy with the many benefits of the solar control and reflecting properties gained through enhancing their building's windows with SLEEK STYLING and REAL SECURITY from our Solar Protective Films. 

  • UPGRADE Your Home or Building's windows by tinting with only the most advanced Solar Protective Films and installation services in the industry, giving you "peace of mind" in your investment, at a lower price to you.

  • Save Time And Money.

Call us now to get your hassle-free quote over the phone. 

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​SPF Window Tinting, LLC.
SPF Tinting - Solar Protected In 2017

Montgomery Eye Physicians - Solar Protective Films Installed In 2017 - Ideal for stopping the Solar Energy beaming in waves of Heat, Light, Glare, UV, & Other Unwanted Solar Radiances, while also providing the desired Privacy & Security.

Commercial Tinting - Montgomery, AL
SPF Secured on 6/21/2016 -
Montgomery AL Dual Reflective 5
Our Friends At The Air Force Recruiting Office In Auburn, AL
...Are loving the benefits since SPF tinted on 12/10/2016. Dual Reflective 5
Alabama House of Representatives- 2015
SPF TINTING APPROVED! Dual Reflective 5 on first floor.
Lawrence Brown Service Funeral Home was SPF Protected on 8-10-16
Selma, AL. Tint Selection: Dual Reflective 5
Baptist Cancer Center - Montgomery, AL.
2016 WIDE SHOT. Commercial Window Tinting. Dual Reflective 15
Dyna-Lift Inc - Montgomery AL - 2016
SPF Tinting Upgraded Privacy, Energy Efficiency, & Heat Rejection. Solar Bronze 20
Alabama Power - Frost Glass (Interior)
Great look with insolation properties in the thick layered film.
Interior Tinting - Montgomery, AL
Jackson Hospital was SPF Tinted
in 2015. Privacy, "Smash & Grab"
protection,,and "cool air Insulation"
was gained with our SPF "Security
White Frost"..
Baptist Cancer Center - Montgomery, AL.
SPF Protected & Energy Efficient Since 2016. DR 15
Commercial Tint - Montgomery, AL
We beat the heat and glare with Dual Reflective 5 on 11.6.2017.